Selections from the REXO series

Limited edition metallic c-prints, 16"x20" to 30"x45"

Images copyright © Alan M Pillar. All rights reserved.

REXO. This series exploits the reflective surface of vintage chrome squeegee plates called REXO. These plates lived their lives having photographers place developed black-and-white prints face down on their polished surface. The photographer then would pass a hard rubber squeegee roller over them to remove excess water and to impart the prints with a glossy finish. These plates saw many mundane images. To me these plates conjure a dark, cramped space just removed from the smell of chemicals and the sound of running water. I take these old photographic workhorses out in the open, out into the light, to see the world directly. I am concerned with how the REXO plate portrays the scene that is transpiring outside the frame within the presented image. The process of using REXO allows me to reference my past analog black-and-white work to my current digital work.